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I tidied up today and removed people who haven't posted in more than a year, if I removed you by mistake (you read but don't post or similar) please tell me I'm a numptie and I'll add you back!

Service for Kaiserdad

Am posting this here as I realise not everyone on LJ who knows kaiserdad is also on his FB

It has also dawned on me I never posted it on his LJ direct, I need to find his password and do a final post there

This is the info for the webcast of the service today

The service will be streamed live, and then hopefully be available for later viewing within one to two hours, using the same login credentials.

It's always in the nature of things that not everyone can be available at one time - particularly when a circle of friends is spread across as many time zones as Roy's - so this should hopefully make it possible for as many people to see the service as possible.watching the live broadcast

go to the Wesley Music home page,

the red columns on the left side of the home page find the connection to Service Broadcasts and click

a list of the entire crematoriums will appear; scroll down to find Sheffield Grenoside Crematorium - click on

web cast access will on

you will be asked for a:- user name: 10857
password: mbapqwty

you will then have access to the live service. Please give a few minutes to appear on the screen

it would be better to access the web cast a good 5 minutes early

the funeral director suggests that people log on in advance and bookmark the site

The crematorium and webcast provider have confirmed that it will be possible to access the webcast for up to one week from the time of the funeral.


I can finally give you all the dates and times of the funeral.

It will be on Thursday 13th June at 1:15 pm at Grenoside Crematorium, at Grenoside in north Sheffield. There will also be a webcast for people who can't attend, I'll let you know how to get onto it as soon as we find out.

Afterwards we'll go back to Eric Eyre's on Mortomley Lane in High Green, Sheffield S35 3HR for something to eat and chance to chat and look at some of the things we have found that celebrate Roy's life. We will be asking people to write memories of Roy while they are there.

In the evening we plan to gather at The Commerical on Station Road in Chapeltown (where many of you may have been in the past) to continue celebrating Roy's life so that people who can't get during the day can come and join us too.

We are asking that people come dressed in colours to show celebration of Roy's life. We understand some people may find this difficult but please wear something even if it's a ribbon or similar to join in.

There are a number of places where people can stay if they want to stop overnight locally, check with me direct if you need help or check the link below.

Links below¤cies=GBP&distanceUnit=Miles#djviub


This is a hard post to write, I'm sorry to have to tell you all that kaiserdad died last night.

His sisters came up on Saturday to see him and Rhoda was able to stay (his brother in law's funeral was this morning so Ann had to go). We sat with him into the evening and Rhoda stayed right till the end. The hospital cared for him and made him comfortable and were really supportive, helping both of us when she called me back to be with her.

We won't know any more until Wednesday when I will post again to update you. I do want to add that Roy was happy to hear of your messages and sent his love to you all. You have all helped make this time while he was ill more barable and he really appreciated your care.

I'll update bia hid journal later or tomorrow so please don't be shocked to see the post, it'll mostly be the same as this I expect, I don't want to miss anyone.

Thank you


Handwriting meme

A bit back we had a handwriting meme which I didn't get round to participating in but was interested in as I see a lot of handwriting in my job. I decided I wanted a go at


I'd also like to find out some other bits about people so I'm asking some questions which I'd like you to answer please

please provide photographic evidence where possible.

  1. Do you mostly write in capitals or small or a mixture of letters?

  2. How do you write I when handwriting?

  3. Do you like your writing style?

  4. Do you prefer plain paper or lined and why?

  5. Write the word lazy

  6. How do you form your capital letters? Please write the alphabet.

  7. What do you think your handwriting says about you?

  8. How often do you write by hand?

  9. write your name

  10. What is your favourite sort of pen?

  11. How do you hold your pen when writing?

  12. now add your own question here if you'd like

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you need sound for this one


lots to do today, need some lists.

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Writer's Block: Old School

Which classic arcade game was always your favorite as a kid? When you come across an old Galaga, Donkey Kong, or Ms. Pac Man machine (whatever your favorites were), do you still like to toss a quarter at them to take one more shot at the high scores list?

I go on the penny and tuppeny slots, I'm tight :)

The penny ones are usually the ancient ones where you need to buy an old penny to make them work.

The tuppeny ones are the old penny falls, I get a quid's worth of coins and work out of one pocket putting my winnings in another. I then switch pockets after counting up and start again. I do this till I run out. I usually stop then.

I only go on the slots when I'm on holiday

Writer's Block: Surf's Up!

How much time do you spend online?

as much as I can but sleep gets in the way

Writer's Block: An intimate portrait

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?

so what day is it?